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My Blueprint to Building 
$50,000 - $1,000,000
You are about to become a business credit master. You will know exactly how to build business credit scores and a business credit profile for a business. With this business credit profile built, you and your business can obtain large amounts of credit and funding for your business without having to supply a personal guarantee and being personally liable for your business debts. 
"Sam Helped Me Get $71,000 For
 My Brand New Business"
-Marquis Williams
"Get Access To Capital Got Us Our
 New Building "
-Susan McGee
"They Got My Independent Hip Hop
 Label Funding"
-Kwesi Nantambu
"Sam Explains How To Getting Vendor Account, Revolving Credit, Cash Accounts"
-Nikki Lewis

This Book is the Key to taking your business to the NEXT Level!

At first I was a bit leery of yet another book that is going to teach me the same thing that I could find on the internet. I already had several successful businesses and one which had eclipsed 7 figures and I wasn't ready to waste my money on another "guru" with good marketing techniques to suck me in only to tell me what I already knew. I must say that I was blown away (which isn't easy) by the depth and attention to detail in this book. The author is pleasantly transparent and gives you a behind the scenes look at information even the most savvy business person doesn't know. To say I am excited that I made the decision to read this book is an understatement. I hear they might be rolling out with a hands on coaching program. If working with them hands on is anything close to the value I got from the book I'm in!

This book is a must have for Small Business Owners

This book is a must have for all small business owners! First let me say I have been in business for over 15 years, and the information that I have learned in the past 6 months has changed the way I am running my business. I'm putting things in place that I had never thought to do, or I was too afraid to do, for fear that no one would give me "CAPITAL" for my service business. Prior to this book, I never knew that I could get "BUSINESS CREDIT!!" Today I'm using that business credit to run my business.

A must have for all business owners!

I have been highly pleased with the information that this book has provided for me. I'm currently reading it for the second time, and it will definitly be continous learning for me. All of my friends and co-workers that I know are serious about getting their business funded; I have refered "Get Access To Capital" to them. Easy read and step by step instructions!!!! A must have for all business owners!!!!

The book you wish you'd read sooner

I read this book and was shocked to find out how easily I can take control and 1. increase my chances of getting business funding and 2. increase the amount of funding I receive. I'm implementing all the tactics in this book and recommending it as required reading for anyone starting or growing a business.

I wanted to write you this email after reading your book “Get Access to Capital,” to let you know that I followed your advice and it has helped me tremendously! 

I became a commercial real estate agent four years ago, and after reading the book I decided to form an LLC, primarily for liability reasons, and also to be able to have access to funding! After forming my LLC, I went to my bank and opened a business account. After filling out the paperwork and getting the account opened, I was immediately approved for a credit card with a limit of $13,500, which is almost double what my personal credit limit was on my two personal credit cards! 

With this new funding, I was able to order signs for my new listings that I didn’t have the cash to pay for upfront. Here we are, 45 days later, and the property was sold to a prospect that called off of the sign that I paid for with my new business credit!
John Woodhams, CCIM
Newburger-Andes & Co.
Real Estate Investments
Sam Leccima is the Founder/CEO of Get Access To Capital, LLC (GATC), a nationally recognized financial company, and one of the fastest growing commercial lending businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. His mission is to satisfy his invaluable clients with unflagging support at any point in time. GATC prides itself as one of the most efficient commercial lenders; unlike most banks that focus on one type of financing, Get Access To Capital, LLC provide all types of financing small to medium-sized businesses need.

Sam Leccima is a leading financier and arranger of syndicated loans to institutional investors and businesses that need private equity funding. We offer our clients an accessible and expanded network that enables easy access to get loans in the required volume and period.

Get Access To Capital, LLC is a strong corporate and retail banking franchise. We mobilize our substantial capital base to assume a leading role nationwide. For over 15 years, Mr. Leccima was primarily focused on real estate, and he maintained a high-quality standard service to his clients. Maintaining a high-quality standard service is the primary reason that Mr. Leccima's business is growing tremendously in commercial lending service

 Sam Leccima is also a private real estate investor. He specializes in funding, purchasing and rehabilitating undervalued single family and multi-family properties.
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